Building Energy Research

Energy research services include technology and industry studies, energy modeling, proposal development, and economic analysis.

Technical Support

Technical support services such as technical writing and peer reviews within the energy industry. Experimental design is also offered for field and laboratory testing.


Need marketing material for the energy industry? HECS can also develop educational tools to help deploy technology.

About HECS Energy

Hendron Energy Consulting Services (HECS) provides technical support for a variety of research, development, and implementation projects in the field of energy efficient buildings. Owned and operated by Bob Hendron, HECS is a small and flexible business based in Littleton, Colorado, with deep expertise in both commercial and residential building science developed over 19 years at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the U.S. Department of Energy. HECS specializes in small, short-term analytical and research projects that require specialized expertise or can help offset temporary staffing shortages for government and industrial organizations active in the energy efficiency field.

HECS Headquarters - 225 Union Blvd Suite 150, Lakewood, CO 80228

HECS Headquarters – 225 Union Blvd Suite 150, Lakewood, CO 80228